Sheet Veneer

For applications that require both dimensional stability and flexibility, no other veneer can match Tech3 from Veneer Tech. That’s because our premium 2-ply sheet is manufactured with a select grade face veneer cross-linked bonded to a whole piece cross grain backer. This combination creates a thick, solid veneer with a natural looking edge.

Select any species of backer or select whole piece wood backer

The excellent joinery and precision sanding of our Tech2 Sheet Veneer ensures color consistency and superior finish. Engineered with a true cross-linking bond between the backer and the face, Tech2 Sheet Veneer is available with paper, 3M pressure sensitive adhesive to true phenolic for the backer.

  • 5 mil paper backer
  • 10 mil paper backer
  • 20 mil paper backer
  • 30 mil paper backer
  • 3M pressure sensitive adhesive
  • True phenolic backer

Options and Sizes: (for both Tech3 and Tech2)
STANDARD SIZES (width x length):
  • 2′ x 8′
  • 4′ x 8′
  • 4′ x 10′
  • Custom order any length, width or species

  • Architectural and specialty veneers
  • Counterfront or cross grain

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