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Official Rules


The Veneer Tech Craftsman's Challenge™ competition aims to recognize excellence in woodwork and architectural woodwork that feature natural veneer and wood product applications. This competition is not about who used the most veneer or who had the biggest project. Our judges will aim to reward those who use veneer products in the best way while achieving the project's stated goals. The judges are impartial, third-party representatives from the media, woodworking education and design fields.


Awards may be made in the following categories at the judges' discretion:

  1. Architectural Woodworking
  2. Cabinetry
  3. Furniture
  4. Specialty Items
  5. Store Fixtures
  6. Student Design

One Grand Prize winning entry will be selected from all eligible entries. In addition to valuable publicity, the Grand Prize winning craftsman/designer/builder/manufacturer, the distributor /supplier, and distributor/supplier sales representative will receive cash awards as follows

  • One $3000 award to the designer, craftsman or manufacturer of the Grand Prize winning entry

  • One $2000 award to the distributor who supplied veneer or edgebanding materials utilized to create the Grand Prize winning entry

  • One $1000 award to one sales representative of the distributor who supplied veneer and wood product materials utilized to create the Grand Prize winning entry

All other selected category winners each will be awarded one $1000 cash award. Plus, one $1000 bonus will be awarded to the Grand Prize winner if entry was submitted by March 31, 2014.

Special judges' awards or honorable mentions may be given in each category at the discretion of the judges, including recognition for marquetry application.

Eligibility / qualifications /
deadlines for submissions

Eligible winners of the cash prizes awarded for the Grand Prize winning entry are: the craftsman, designer, builder, or manufacturer; the distributor/supplier; and the distributor/supplier sales representative. Entries may be submitted on behalf of those eligible to win by any industry professional associated with the project.


All projects must have been produced using natural veneer and wood product application. Use of any amount of veneer wood products in the project will qualify the entry. It is not required that Veneer Technologies be the source of materials used to create the entry.

Entries may be posted on and/or appear in print, and winners can receive valuable publicity in industry publications.


Awards will be officially announced at the IWF® 2014 in Atlanta.

All award winners will be notified in advance.

How to enter

Here's how to enter the Veneer Tech Craftsman's Challenge™ competition:

  1. Get an entry kit from your veneer products distributor or distributor sales representative. Or click here and enter online.

  2. No entry fee is required to submit projects for consideration. Costs for preparing and submitting the entry are the responsibility of the entrant.

  3. Up to three (3) projects may be entered by one entrant. Each project entry requires a separate completed entry form.

  4. Submit up to five photos of your project for each entry. Good quality digital shots are best. All images should be clearly identified by file name or on the back of the print. Digital shots should be approximately 5" x 7" at 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch; 1500 x 2100 pixels) in JPEG format (Using a digital camera, you will probably want to use the largest/highest setting and saving in JPEG (JPG) format. For best results, photograph your projects at an angle using a plain or neutral background with plenty of adequate lighting. If emailing your entry photos, send low resolution JPEG files or compress each JPEG file as necessary so not to exceed a total 7MB limit per entry. Digital shots being submitted other than by email must be submitted on CD. 5" x 7" photo prints and hard copies of forms mailed in are acceptable. Materials submitted will not be returned.

  5. Remember to state the goals of your project and provide mention of how veneer wood product application helped you achieve those goals.
There are two pointers I would like to share with entrants. First, invest in the quality of the photographs you submit. Pay particular attention to what you want the judges to focus on during the review process. Not having the actual item to inspect, we rely heavily on the level of detail portrayed in the photographs. Show your ‘best side.’ Second, work on your listed goals and execution statements. The judges read each submittal and are definitely influenced by what is stated as the goals and how they were met. Enlist the help of a seasoned writer and remember the shorter, the better.

–Michael Bell, 2012 Craftsman’s Challenge judge - Allegheny Millwork - AWI board member

Click here to enter The Craftsman's Challenge online

Mail your entries to:
Veneer Technologies, Inc.
Attn.: Craftsman's Challenge
P. O. Box 1145
Newport, NC 28570

    or ship to:
Veneer Technologies, Inc.
3337 W. Railroad Blvd.
Newport, NC 28570

If you have any questions about competition entry please contact:

Alan Hubbard


Employees of Veneer Technologies, Veneer Technologies’ affiliated companies or of Craftsman’s Challenge competition co-sponsors are not eligible to enter the Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge. Entry materials become the property of Veneer Technologies and the entrant further verifies that entrant has the legal authority to grant permission for the entries to be used for publicity purposes. All entries are subject to the rules as stated in this Call For Entries. Decisions of the judges on all matters of qualifications, categories and awards are final.

Winners and their third parties may be required to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility and publicity release within 10 days of attempted notification, and failure to provide this required documentation will result in cancellation of the entry and forfeiture of the prizes. An alternate winner would then be chosen.

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