Minnesota Residence
Fritz Cabinetry & Furniture
Our goal was to manufacture all panels, cabinetry, casewood, and furniture from a single flitch (log) so to create a uniform color throughout the residence. Quartered Tropical Olive, horizontal grained, is the primary species used in wall panels, kitchen, master bedroom, and master bath, wine room, bar, exercise room, elevator surrounds on each floor, entertainment walls, master hallway, and guest suite. Quartered Austrian Walnut, horizontal grained, is the secondary species used in all interior passage doors and side columns. Quartered Figured Movingue, vertical grained, is used in mudroom and closet, laundry and secondary office space, and children’s bedrooms. Each cabinet wall elevation was produced using the highest degree of blueprint matching as to align graining around corners, from wall panels to cabinetry and so forth. The real challenge was to align the reveals of the stone structures to the panels and to maintain a jointed seam of the veneer leave at the same location as the panel reveal. The finish was also a priority to maintain a high gloss buffed finish to create a depth of feel to the figure types within the veneer. All species were natural finish as to allow the natural beauty of wood to present themselves.

“The wrapping of the veneer and the uniformity of the veneer application are exceptional. Superior technique was used in aligning the panels with the stone.” - Stephen Latta