Grand Prize
Regency Circular Office
Keith Morgan / Bespoke
Certainly Wood, Supplier — Greg Engle, Sales Representative
The goal of this project is to create an office space that would be both practical and aesthetically inspiring. The challenge is that the room is circular and all of the paneling, cabinets, and architectural accents are curved. The panels are crafted in amboyna burl with walnut trim and crown molding. The cabinets are also crafted in walnut. The walnut provides a beautiful complement to the color and texture of the amboyna burl. The level of detail in the panels and the cabinetry is stunning. The cabinet drawer faces and doors feature a herringbone pattern, and the paneling and the cabinetry also showcase Bespoke’s distinctive reeding details. The drawer boxes are double sided and feature teak on the inside and an automotive paint finish on the outside, accented by teak micro-reeding. Additionally, the sueded leather inside the drawer boxes adds a luxurious touch. The integration of the printers and PC boxes makes the space functional. The beautiful detailing in the ceiling features, the cabinetry, the paneling and the architectural accents make the space an aesthetically inspiring place to work.

“Impressive. The level of execution, from the complex design to the intricate details, made this project stand above the rest. The sequence matched panels are exceptional. The craftsmanship continued even inside the casework, as evidenced in the drawers and pullouts.” - Karen Koenig, Stephen Latta, Mike Taylor