Specialty Items
Mark Osgood / Rolling Art Bicycles, LLC
“This entry is a fully functional bicycle. It measures 40.5" between axles and 40" from the ground to the top of the seat. It is almost completely made from 1/16" and 1/24" maple and walnut veneer which was purchased from Certainly Wood. I have been building wooden framed bicycles for 4 years and the goal of this project was to see if veneer could be used in the construction of future frames and accessories. At the same time, I wanted to move into a more artistic form while not sacrificing function, strength, and ease of construction. Technically, the handlebars were the greatest challenge, requiring three steam bending sessions and two epoxy glue-up sessions. Eighteen layers of 1/16 walnut veneer were used with one layer of maple. The seat was just a fun project for display purposes only, although I have ridden on it. It's made from standard thickness madrone burl over a baltic birch core. I call it "vegetarian ostrich skin" since it somewhat resembles real ostrich skin. The wooden spring was made from 22 layers of 1/24 maple veneer with a layer of carbon fiber in the middle. It actually flexes when the bike is ridden over bumps. The wheels were glued up on a donut form using 24 layers of 1/16 maple veneer and two layers of walnut. The success of this design shows that veneer can be used as a structural building material while offering design choices that would be extremely difficult in thicker material.”

“This wood bicycle breaks ground in new applications for veneer as a material. The multi-layered handlebar bent on three axes is worth an award on its own.” - Bill Esler, Woodworking Network

“This bicycle is out of this world. The combination of skill necessary to bend, twist, shape and assemble so everything fits properly while maintaining strength is an engineering accomplishment. Nearly every part was glued by laminating veneer strips together. Innovative beyond measure!” - Marc Adams, Marc Adams School of Woodworking

“Unbelievable the artistry and engineering needed for this piece.” - Bob Nurre, Roseburg Forest Products