Specialty Items
Blue Rose
Micah Paul Bolton / Micah Paul Creative
“My goals for this project were to push the limits of picture framing, bring a more artistic flare to woodworking, and merge woodworking/veneer and picture framing. My artistic goals were to play off the natural beauty of the wood in the skateboard. I wanted the frame to look as if the artwork infected the frame and it grew naturally on its own. The skateboard has a somewhat distressed look and I tried to bring that out in the finish of the webs. Most projects that I’ve seen using veneer are very glossy and perfect. I love that. However, I wanted to create a more distressed /aged look. All the spikes on the front were hand carved and I feel it helps with the infected theme. The veneer on the sides is an African zebrawood. It helped bring a strong contrast to the dark walnut webs and trim. It also helps tie together the lighter colors of the wood grain in the deck. This was my first time using veneer and I am in love with it. It brings a level of class, warmth, and high end value that other materials I use can’t touch. The webs are made of 3 mm Baltic birch and were stained and distressed to match the feel and style of the skateboard. The veneer in this project helped me to achieve a very high end product on a very small budget.”

Judges’ comments:

“The blue color and image shocked me at first and then I was drawn in by the intricacies, to look at the artistry.” - Mavis Morgan

“Can zombies be beautiful? I guess they are!” - Paul Schurch

“Exudes a message of elegance.” - Gene Wengert