Carpathian Elm Burl Wall Unit
Scott Severns / Oak Mountain Custom Woodwork
“The goal was to transform a painted fireplace surround and two blank pockets into a wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling built in wall unit to store the components for the TV and storage for books. The client asked if I could do burl raised panel doors, and my reply was, I've never done that before, but I will see what I can work out.’ The solution I came up with was to glue up a solid cherry blank, veneer both sides with the Carpathian elm burl and then raise the panel-and it worked. The client also wanted a deep color to the piece. All of the solid wood doors and face frames are cherry stained cherry, and the burl was stained the same. The Carpathian elm burl created the dramatic effect the client was looking for on the walls and in the door/drawer panels. This particular material was a real challenge to work with as the largest piece the supplier could get me was about 18 x 18 inches and full of voids. I spent weeks just flattening and patching the material. But in the end the client is pleased with the result.”

Judge’s comment: “The fireplace was a heavy element to work with. This took a utilitarian, heavy space and made it balanced and comfortable.” - Gene Wengert