Student Design
3 Way Drop
Onkar Nagra / Fletchers Meadow Secondary School
“Tamo ash veneer was chosen for this coffee table because of its striking, shimmering figure; and how it would contrast with the much quieter walnut used for the legs. I was trying to create an illusion whereby the heavy (3" square) solid walnut legs and curved stretchers would just simply come gracefully together in the center and yet at the same time be perfectly flush with the surrounding three panels of tamo ash veneer. Much simpler to say than to do, but I was very pleased with the final result!”

Judges’ comments:

“All of the winning student entries were solidly built. We recognize the entrants’ ability, they didn't overreach, and the better designs we viewed were well executed. Our compliments certainly go to the instructor and all the support students need to make such good work happen!“ - Paul Schurch