Specialty Items
Homage to My Mother
Michael J. Brolly
“My mother was a seamstress that taught me to love material. When I saw the subtle curl in the Douglas fir I figured that I could make it look like silk if I sand blasted it. I guessed that it would most likely look best as a corset, to show off that silk like appearance. It succeeded better than I had imagined. It is life size and all wooden, except the brass stand that holds it up. The colored veneer that makes up the ribs gives it the strength to stand up and be supported by the brass armature. It needed the delicateness and strength that veneer can bring to the piece.”

Judges’ comments:

“Intricate, delicate and precious.” - Mavis Morgan

“A very innovative treatment of veneer, giving the sculpture the illusion of a wearable softness and delicacy. Very beautiful.” - Paul Schurch

“The design enhanced the beauty of the wood, and the wood enhanced the beauty of the design-a perfect marriage. It evoked an emotional response.” - Gene Wengert