Honorable Mention - Student Design
Contemporary Desk
Erik Lutz / Cedar Ridge High School
“My goals in making this piece was to make a piece of furniture that challenged me, embody everything I learned at school but also make people stop and ask how I made it. The grain, figure and color of the walnut crotch veneer make this table top.”

“This perfect execution of a classic 18th Century design amply demonstrates that the heritage of timeless veneer craftsmanship continues in our age.” - Bill Esler, Woodworking Network

“Remarkable student work! Some of the best I have ever seen! Great radial matching of the veneer on the top and perfect execution of the Federal string inlay.” - Marc Adams, Marc Adams School of Woodworking

“A beautiful piece and to think it was done by a student. This person has a great future ahead of him.” - Bob Nurre, Roseburg Forest Products