Specialty Items Category Winner
Bringer of Peace
Spider Johnson and Lora Hunt / Texas Tech University
“The wood species used for the ‘Investment Firm’ project is a quartered figured walnut. Our goal was to showcase the company’s talents and capabilities. With the level of detail achieved during the veneer selection and allocation process we were able to complete this one of a kind space.”

Judges’ comments:

“Marvelous atmosphere that sets the tone for open conversation in the round. There was a unique mirror effect that tied the entire room together. Futuristic look with comfort built in as well.” - Mavis Morgan

“Just the table itself in this installation was a furniture contender, but combined with the rest of the room with complete elements and the horizontal veneer, this was an excellent installation.” - Paul Schurch

“Everything ties together, the curvature and the elements of the ceiling. Hats off to the designer. The room sets the tone: A meeting in that room is significant. The wood enables the experience.” - Gene Wengert