Honorable Mention - Specialty Items
Rodney Pike / Pike Design
The top, column and base on this table were all faced using commercial veneers. The edging that was glued around the table top and base were from shop sawn veneer. The labyrinth pattern around the top is comprised of almost 650 pieces, all cut by hand. A marquetry image of an octahedron was inlayed into the center of the table. The octahedron is about 2-1/2" square. There are 104 pieces in this image that were also all cut by hand. A 48-piece radial pattern from quartered sawn maple was used in the field/background of the top. The way light reflects off the maple makes an interesting background without overpowering the whole top. The table base and column are a simpler shape/design but full of detail. The tapered column is veneered with black dyed veneer on all four sides, then has an application of maple molding. The molding has a cove profile cut on the table saw, then cut in half and mitered one side. The cove is veneered with the same quartered maple that’s in the rest of the table. The table base is veneered to match the top.

“The precision veneer work and optical effects display exceptional craftsmanship.” - Mike Taylor