Grand Prize
Art Deco Table with Trompe L'oeil Interior
Craig Thibodeau / CT Fine Furniture
Herzog Veneer, Supplier — Julienne Barata, Sales Representative
My client came to me with a challenging and somewhat odd request. He had an oceanfront condo with a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean. However, the powder room, which was at the front entry of the unit, was painted in two shades of green horizontal stripes, giving it a tired beachy look inconsistent with everything else. It was a relatively small area approximately 5' x 6.5". He had just a few requirements. First was to dramatically upgrade the area and give it a one-of-a-kind appearance. Second, he was originally from the Northeast and he wanted to integrate that look in his home. Finally, the client loved rosewood and needed it to be at the heart of any decision. The client was very collaborative and willing to experiment. The decision was made to use Santos rosewood panels highlighted by a border of wenge veneer. The wenge accent was also used in the mirror frame, room divider, and entrance door. The finished touch was the use of Lumicore panels for the counter top, room divider, and entrance door.

Judges' comment
"The selection and unique spin matching of the veneer compliments the other materials used in this unique WOW bathroom."