Honorable Mention - Architectural Woodworking
John Daiek / Daiek Woodworks
I was looking for a large-scale marquetry project (the height is 84 inches) that would use natural wood tones in a way that would celebrate the veneers. The challenge was to create a design that would run over the three panels with visual interest over the whole surface. The intent was to have something interesting from across the room but also engage the viewers with the fine details when they got close.

Veneer is the medium of marquetry. The challenge is to pick veneers within the naturals tones available to “tell the story.” Within the tones, I need to find enough variety of woods to create the subtle shading necessary to make the picture come to life. For instance, the dog was fundamentally yellow, but I needed at least half a dozen different yellows to make the shading to give a life-like three-dimensionality.

“The great use of transitions, shading, and overall technique is further highlighted by the large scale of the project, which is seven feet tall.” - Stephen Latta