Honorable Mention - Cabinetry
Roger Heitzman / Heitzman Studios
“The main goal of this project was to create a paneled office that was truly unique. To do this, rosewood veneer was chosen as the material that would occupy the most distinctive space in the room, the area between the chair rail and the crown molding. The front wall of the office features an inset crescent architectural feature. Anyone who has viewed Bespoke's work regularly will note that the crescent is motif that continually appears. The rosewood veneer is laid out in a parquetry pattern and it is complimented by Bespoke's fluted walnut paneling from the chair rail to the base trim. This design would have been impossible to execute in any medium other than veneer because only veneer could provide the unique matching effect on display in this paneling.”

“This was a winner, hands down. The room is the very definition of architectural panel excellence, framed by millwork that rises to the highest level of craftsmanship.” - Bill Esler, Woodworking Network

“This architectural layout is breathtaking. Everything is matched perfectly. I especially like the unique "horizontal" arrangement of the veneer in each wall panel. The curved shelf that ?ts perfectly in the middle of the main wall is a unique feature.” - Marc Adams, Marc Adams School of Woodworking

“Excellent use of veneer.” - Bob Nurre, Roseburg Forest Products