Honorable Mention - Furniture
Trish McCulloch
“The initial concept of this exclusively and unique table is to have a cut-depression with a series of bleachers so that it is precisely the focus of the room. Basically, this bleachers simulating a coliseum or stadium. Hence the name of the table "The Colosseum". Manufactured using a reconstituted handmade dyed Maccasar Ebony Veneer sheet, laid up on both sides of an 3/4" MDF panel for the main block The way the table was constructed give the impression of a unique solid block of this wood species. The central design cut in the panel, as well as the union of the set of bleachers, simulates the grandstands of a stadium or arena. Each of the 16 steps, both vertical and horizontal, that conform the central detail were cut and bonded by hand one by one in different stages, onto a series of four staggered concentric pieces of 1 1/2" MDF, and then carefully trimmed and smoothly sanded the edges. The table feature a strip of RGB LED's lights powered with a 12v adapter with a remote controlled keypad to enhance the look of the table. This allow to play up to 20 different colors...To protect the top, I put a 1/4" tempered glass with soft polished edges.”

“A striking design is amplified by artful incorporation of LED-breaking new ground in the use of lighting in furniture, and also in the fabrication process. Layers of MDF were glued together, then meticulously veneered on all facets. It's a stunner!” - Bill Esler, Woodworking Network

“I just can't imagine the amount of work it took to pull this off. The symmetry of each layer is perfect. The use of veneer is a true test of patience that paid off.” - Marc Adams, Marc Adams School of Woodworking

“Detail and the workmanship impressed me. Here the story was also important.” - Bob Nurre, Roseburg Forest Products