Certificate of Recognition
Jane Burke / Greentree Creations
“The goal for designing this table was to create a trompe l’oeil table which at first glance appears to be a traditionally crafted console table with a Greek fret table runner that folds over each end. However, upon closer examination it becomes apparent that the runner is actually an intricate maze leading from the entry gate, ‘You Are Here,’ to the star at the center of the table. Although the table is only five feet long, the path from the gate to the star is 55 feet long. The tapestry is composed of over 800 pieces, individually cut and fitted, to create the maze. The table, fabricated of wenge and mahogany, is a modern interpretation of a classic, traditional console table. The finish is lacquer. Dimensions: 62"W x 22"D x 32"H."

Judges’ comments:

“The table engages anyone, whether they are three or 93, from any generation. Sometimes a table calls for putting something on it. This one is complete on its own, and doesn’t need anything else to make itself.” - Mavis Morgan

&ldqou;Great thematic and well made using only two woods...a perfect interactive piece of furniture and great use of parquetry in the form of marquetry.” - Paul Schurch

“He knew his objective and didn’t distract from making that happen perfectly. The right angle bend on the leaf was well executed.” - Gene Wengert